About Me

I live in Chico, California with my partner James, our two children, and our lovable Goldendoodle. I enjoy preparing healthful meals for my family, riding my bike, walking, camping, and of course Yoga!

My training in Yoga Therapy gives me a unique set of skills and tools to address a wide range of wellness issues. Most importantly, when I work with anyone, I’m seeking to understand the whole person to maximize the benefit of your effort. I’m experienced at addressing musculoskeletal imbalances through physical practices, but there’s often so much more to healing than just doing stretches and exercises. Through understanding the interactions between the physical, subtle, and psychological aspects of ourselves, we can restore balance and create lasting wellness at all levels. I’m passionate about making yoga accessible to those who think they “can’t” do yoga. I strive to guide my clients to the powerful healing experience of feeling good in their bodies.

Yoga is my lifelong journey. My first experience in yoga was over 19 years ago, and I’m enthusiastic about deepening my practice for the rest of my life. My favorite things about yoga are that they address the entire person, and that there’s a scientific, physiological explanation behind the effectiveness of all of the practices. I invest my time and effort into yoga every day because I it helps me cultivate healing and wellness for myself. Yoga helps me cope with my own stress, depression, and chronic pain so I can lead a fulfilling life. My teaching is effective because it’s sincere. In April 2017, I began studies in an advanced program to become a Certified Yoga Therapist through the International Association of Yoga Therapists, requiring an additional 800 hours of training. I’ll be graduating in June of 2020. My teachers are truly amazing and I’ve already grown in so many ways in this program, it’s exciting to think I have so much more to gain!